Monday, February 25, 2013

Time Flies...

I honestly don't know where the last month has gone!
We have been doing assessments and I did progress reports...but I really can't believe that it's almost March.  Crazy!

We have been working really hard to understand what it means to infer.  Understanding iinference is difficult for most kids and I was looking for a fun way to teach it.
Boy...did I luck out.  I found the "Inference Investigators" packet on TpT.  It was so fun, the kids really had a blast and most importantly it made learning about inferences easy. 
My kiddos have a great grasp of inferring now.
You can get your own pack {HERE} from Babbling Abby.
Love, love, love it!
Here are some pics.
We ALWAYS start with an "I Can..." statement so the kids know what the objective is.

 This tells them "some" information.  They are infering the rest!

 I  glued these two papers inside manilla folders and laminated them.  These contatined their cules to begin making inferences.
I'll be able to use these in the years to come!

We made a class timeline to find out the missing parts of the story.

Very fun!  Click to follow her blog.  Thanks Abby!

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