Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We Have a Fire Safety Poster Winner!

Isabella was one of two fire safety poster winners in our school!  Her poster was chosen from about 150 posters for creativity and content.
Nice Job Isabella!

Isabella and Firefighter Seiber

She received an award signed by the City of Everett Fire Chief and the Mayor of Everett.  She also received an Everett Fire T-Shirt and stuffed Leopards (we are the Leopards!)  She will also receive a ride to school in a fire truck!  The award was presented by 5 firefighters.  Our principal Mrs. Foster and Superintendent Dr. Cohn were also present for the award.

Finding Out She Won

Posing with the Firefighters and Fire Captain

Our Whole Class Celebrating

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Ok...this post has nothing to do with teaching but I made these cute little owl cupcakes the other day and my students know I love owls so I thought I'd post a pic.

They were super easy to make, any cupcake and frosting, two double stuff Oreos per cupcake (take one chocolate cookie off each one).  Put a little frosting on the Oreo and put on an M&M then put on an M&M for the beak.  I piped on some frosting around the eyes with a hair/grass tip to add some texture, but it wasn't necessary.  They were super easy.
Too bad we can't give the kiddos homemade treats...they would have loved these!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Math Journals

I am so excited about this idea I saw on Sunny Days in Second Grade!
We have been working on writing often in our math journals. 
I hate to say it...I was running out of ideas until I stumbled upon this awesome posting! 
Check out these journal entries!  My kiddos didn't want to stop writing!


Curriculum Night Welcome!

Families were greeted by their little ones handprints. Awww...
My hubby made me the cute owl!  My current obsession!

We don't get to do crafty things very often, so when we do, it's a blast. 
We made these little owls out of TP tubes and cupcake liners! 
I got the idea from {HERE}. 
Our room looked super cute!
You can also check out my Curriculum Night Power Point available on TpT. 
I showed this along with student work, showing expectations and what level 4, 3, 2 and 1 would look like. 
I had some great parent feedback.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Reading Response Journals

We have been working a ton in our Reading Response Journals. 
Our main focus has been summarizing, author's purpose and writing details about characters.
We write in these every single day!
Here are a few entries:
 A third grade journal entry showing character details and a summary of a chapter in Charlotte's Web.
Page 1 and 2
Page 3
A second grade student summary of a book called, Count to a mIllion!

 A second grade student writes details about Charlotte and Wilbur from Charlotte's Web.
An author's purpose entry for the book, Owl Moon.

A second grade response to a chapter in Charlotte's Web.

Math Monsters!

These are seriously ADORABLE! 
I was searching for activites that would be active and visual for greater than, less than. 
I can't remember where I saw these on all my Pinterest and Blog searches so if you know please send me the link! :-)
Anyway, my plan was to just do these with my second graders, but my third graders got a little upset they couldn't make them too!  So I just gave them harder numbers to work with.  I had the second graders choose a number between 1-100 and third graders had to choose between 1-1,000 (obviously discouraging simple numbers).  We made these in our math journals so we can refer back to them.
They all turned out super cute, here are pics of just two.
When I did my summative assessment every single kid got 100%. 
So we are moving on...

2nd Grade
Braces and All

3rd Grade

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fire Safety Day!

Firefighter Kelly teaching the kids how to be safe.

 My hubby, Firefighter Seiber joins in!

 Firefighter Kelly showing his bunker gear and breathing apparatus.
The kids thought he sounded like Darth Vader!

 We got to practice going through the "smoke trailer" to
see what to do if there was ever a real emergency!
Of course, you've got to do ONE crazy pic!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Johnny Appleseed

Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed!
We started the day by reading a "Tall Tale" by Steven Kellogg, about Johnny Appleseed.   We tasted four different kinds of apples, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Gala and Golden Delicious.  Then we did a classroom "Apple Taste Test Graph" on our SMART Board to see which apple was the favorite, then students completed their own!
Fun {and yummy} times!