Monday, October 15, 2012

Math Monsters!

These are seriously ADORABLE! 
I was searching for activites that would be active and visual for greater than, less than. 
I can't remember where I saw these on all my Pinterest and Blog searches so if you know please send me the link! :-)
Anyway, my plan was to just do these with my second graders, but my third graders got a little upset they couldn't make them too!  So I just gave them harder numbers to work with.  I had the second graders choose a number between 1-100 and third graders had to choose between 1-1,000 (obviously discouraging simple numbers).  We made these in our math journals so we can refer back to them.
They all turned out super cute, here are pics of just two.
When I did my summative assessment every single kid got 100%. 
So we are moving on...

2nd Grade
Braces and All

3rd Grade

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