Sunday, September 30, 2012

We Will Begin XTRA Math This Week

On Tuesday we will begin XTRA Math.  It is an online math fluency program. Students will go online for a few minutes per day and work at their own pace.  They will begin with addition facts, then subtraction, multiplication and finally division.  The great thing is they will be able to progress as quickly as they know/learn them!  They may also go on XTRA Math at home.  The awesome news...completly FREE!  So check it out teachers!  Click {HERE} to get started.  It is important that students are not getting help as the progress through, because it is about them showing what they know. They will be required to pass a paper/pencil test once they pass each online section.  Once second graders pass addition and subtraction the become astronauts and receive an award at an assembly. Once third graders pass addition, subtraction and multiplication they become knights and receive an award at an assembly.


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